Epping Forest Centenary Trust was set up in 1978 to celebrate the centenary of the saving of Epping Forest by the Epping Forest Act of 1878.   Our primary purpose is to provide opportunities for groups and individuals to access Epping Forest and take part in a variety of Forest activities.  Our activities are particularly aimed at those who are less able to access or take part in Forest activities.

By providing these opportunities we very much hope that future generations will help preserve Epping Forest.

As a charity we are reliant on donations, grants and membership.  Without this support we would be unable to offer our services to groups.


If you become a member you receive a copy of our newsletter: "Trust in the Forest" three times a year; early notification of our events and opportunities to help in various ways.

it is an excellent opportunity to contribute to enabling wider participation in the Forest, a place many of us enjoy.

Membership fees can be paid by Standing Order, Cash/Cheque, CAFCheque, or on your debit or credit card via our link with CAFBank (Cafbank Link) The minimum amounts for membership are as follows:

Single membership £ 20.00 per annum (or £ 2 per month Standing Order)

Joint membership £ 25.00 per annum (or £ 2.50 per month Standing Order)






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